New Billing Service - Migration from 2Checkout to Chargebee


Since we started MaxCut Software, we have been using 2Checkout as our payment gateway provider. Just over a week ago we were informed that 2Checkout would not be able to process any further direct Visa or Mastercard card payments from the 1st August onwards.


We find this to be unacceptable for our Visa and Mastercard clients, and as a small business, loosing these clients would be crippling to us. As such, we have made a decision to move payment gateways from 2Checkout to Chargbee.  

Chargebee is one of the leading subscription billing and revenue management platforms in the world.  Switching over to their platform will also mean that it will be significantly easier for you to be able to manage your own subscriptions, payment methods, information etc.


While we had hoped that we could merely migrate our clients over to the new platform, unfortunately 2Checkout is not assisting us with the migration process. 

We therefore would like to request that you assist us by updating your payment details through the link that will be provided in the email that will be/has been sent to you.


You will need to do this in order for your license to continue to be active.  If you do not do this, your MaxCut Business Edition features will disable at the renewal date.


We apologies for the inconvenience caused, this is unfortunately beyond our control.


Thank you for your continued support

The MaxCut Team



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