New Feature: Report a bug now goes to our support page instead of Facebook

In versions previous to of MaxCut, if you clicked on the report a bug menu option it would take you to our Facebook page.

There were several challenges with using FaceBook.

  • It wasn't easy to let users know when an item was fixed.
  • Users couldn't easily search and find bug reports because it was mixed up with comments and marketing info.
  • Some people don't like mixing their "work" with their personal account

In the latest version of MaxCut, when you click "Report a bug" it now takes you to our community bug report page.

You can now:

  • Easily see other issues users have reported
  • Up-vote issues that are impacting you
  • Follow an issue, which means you will get notified when it is resolved.

In addition, your personal information is not mixed in so things are nice and separate.


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