New Feature : Specify custom settings file location for users to share settings between machines

Prior to MaxCut Version you could not specify a custom location for your settings file. This meant that the settings file needed to be located at "C:\ProgramData\MaxCut Software\MaxCut\Settings.xml".

From MaxCut Version onward you can specify a custom location for the settings file.

This is useful for setups where you have two or more computers that need to share settings between each other. Simply, you can create a shared directory, place the settings file in that directory and then have both installations of MaxCut point to the same settings file.

For example, say you have two users who want to have the same job code format but want to make sure that they do not have duplicate job code numbers. By sharing the settings file, each time a new job is created it will increment the job code number, making sure neither computer duplicates the other.

To set the location of the settings file go to:

Settings > General Settings

Go to the Data Settings tab.

Check the "Specify Path" option and then click the ... to the far right.

You will now be prompted for the custom location of the settings file.


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