A backup of your MaxCut data/materials files is done whenever MaxCut is re-installed

Whenever the installer of MaxCut is run, before a re-install/override of data and files occurs, MaxCut makes a copy of the current data files stored in the ProgramData folder under a time stamped folder.

While the intention is for a copy of these files to be made, you should not rely on it occuring. Explicitly backing up your data through the MaxCut backup feature is recommended.

That said, since you are reading this post you probably have not done a backup and are trying to find out if there is some way to recover your data without having to manually re-input/setup you materials etc. If this applies to you, please read on although be warned, this is a little bit technical...

MaxCut by default stores all the data files in the Windows ProgramData folder under a "MaxCut Software" folder, as shown in the image below (see pt. 1)

The MaxCut Backup folder (pt. 2) is where the installer will put copies of your data files at the time of a re-install.

If you were to go into the "MaxCut Backup" folder, you should see a series of sub folders each with a time stamped name. The naming format is year-month-day-hour-minute-second. For example, if date/time of the copy the midday on the 1st of February 2020, then the filename would start with "20200201120000 {Some random unique id}", ie. "20200201120000 ac123-b143-d092-122ff". Using a screenshot of my folder, I've highlighted the naming convention in one of the folders below.

I've put a screenshot of what is in my MaxCut Backup folder below. You can see there are two folders, meaning I have two copies of my MaxCut data files, each done at a different date/time.

If I was to then go into one of those sub folders (pt. 2), I would see all the files it copied, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, the big question is how do you restore these files? Since this is a copy of the data files, you would need to:

1) Close MaxCut (else it will override)

2) Copy all the files and folders in the backup folders

3) Goto the active MaxCut data folder (normally "c:\ProgramData\MaxCut Software\MaxCut") and paste the copied files overriding all existing files.

If you re-open MaxCut, you should see all the materials and settings that were in MaxCut at the point of the last installer.

Please note, whenever copying/overriding files and folders you should have done a backup of the folders before... just in case you delete something important. Also, doing things like this is only recommended for people that are comfortable with the more "technical" aspects of a computer. If you are not comfortable, get in a technician or your nephew.

Good luck.



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