Edging Calculation (Option to Exclude Machine Cost)

We would like an option to include/exclude machining cost when edging is being added separately to a quote. Currently edge machining cost is always included.

Explanation of issue

On edging materials you have an option of setting a machining charge

Machining charges are usually included when you have to attach the edging to the side of a panel.

For example the following input items


Would result in the following charges


However, if you are a cut n edge shop, you may have customer that request edging on its own as a roll. In these instances you 95% of the time will not charge them a machining charge due to you not actually using the edging machine. Currently there is no way in MaxCut to exclude the machining charge from the edging.

So adding the following input items


Gives you the following charges


And the Edging Charge or Example Edging would be incorrect.

Desired behavior

On the edging input items screen add a drop down option called "Machining charge" that has two options

  1. "None"
  2. "Apply"

It should default to "None" unless explicitly specified by the user

If "None" is selected then it should not add an edging charge (machining charge for edging material that is added that is not attached to a panel).

If "Apply" is selected then it should perform the costing calculation as it is currently doing.

Zendesk Ticket #11897


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