Volunteering to translate MaxCut

We appreciate all volunteers who support translating MaxCut into their local languages. This is sometimes a time consuming activity but a great way to give back to the rest of the MaxCut Community.

We have two types of translators:

  • Adhoc Translators
  • Active Translators

Adhoc Translators

Adhoc translators provide once off suggestions for improvements on existing translations. They do this at any time and at any frequency they want. To submit adhoc translations email us at

Active Translators

We allow for one official 'active' translator per language. The 'active' translator gets the following benefits while they are the active translator:

  • Early access to future releases of MaxCut
  • Access to all MaxCut Business Edition features

Requirements to become the 'Active Translator'

  • You cannot become an 'active' translator if there is already an 'active' translator for your language.
  • You need to complete translation requests within 90 days of the language files being sent to you.

What if you don't respond within 90 days of a translation request?

We know people get busy, no sweat.

The only impact of an active translator not responding within 90 days are:

  • Access to MaxCut Business Edition features are revoked until we receive the updated translation files.
  • Other people can apply to become the active translator

Who to contact?

If you are interested in becoming an active translator please email us at



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