Sheet Sub Sizes

Sheet Sub Sizes is a hidden feature in MaxCut.

It allows you to specify multiple "sheet sizes" for a specific material. Once you have set it up, when you optimize a job with that material, MaxCut will use the best optimization between all the different sizes.

It is a bit hidden but let me walk through how to find it and set it up.

In MaxCut go to the menu > Manage > Materials > Sheet
Select the "Sheet Material" you want to put different size options for and click "Edit".
On the form for that specific sheet material you will see a section called "Dimensions" which has a length and width field. as well as a few others. Make sure you enter a the largest size for the material.

Scroll down and you will see another section called "Material Sub Sizes"
- Make sure "User any number of available sub sizes to minimise wastage" is selected
- Click the "Add" button in this section and enter the smaller length and width and qty.

Once you have done this, MaxCut will now keep these quantities and sizes into consideration. when optimizing a job. Just select the material and input the panel sizes and it will figure out the best match per you sub sizes.


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    Mallard Damien

    I have a problem wit this function because i have only ten panel of a dimensions and other unlimited and it always take me eleven panel

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    Jörg Walter

    How can I assign different m² - prices to different sub sizes?


    It is quite common to have higher m² - prices for larger formats for some materials. 

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    arno de smet


    We have sub sizes that have a shorter length than the standard lengt of the plate but have a bigger width , zo this field stays red , is there anything we can do about this

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    Marcus Goitowski

    I really like this feature but I'm missing an essential field here, which allows it to specify a price per sub sheet. Also this should then be considered for layouting.

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    Russ Prince

    I have tried a few times now to use this feature, and no matter what I do I cannot get maxcut to use my subsizes.  I've tried everything and it will almost always just use the full sheet size and never use my sub sized pieces for layout.  It would be great if there was an option to either limit the number of full sheets of material you have available which would force it to look at the sub sizes, or to tell it to use all possible sub sizes first.  I have lots of scraps I'd like to get rid of and it would be great if maxcut prioritized them higher.

    One thing I tried which I thought for sure would work was I made the main material size unreasonably large (1000x1000 inches) so that the program would not even consider it because it would have too much waste, and I added normal sheets of material and my scraps as sub sizes, and the program still refused to use any of them.  It just placed all parts on the 1000x1000 inch sheet with 99% wastage instead of using the subsizes which would result in 16 or 17% wastage...

    What can I do to get subsizes used in my layouts?


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    Buongiorno, in merito all'utilizzo di pannelli di sottodimensioni immagazzinati come resti di lavorazione bisognerebbe avere la possibilità di utilizzare prima questi piuttosto che acquistare nuovi pannelli.

    dando la priorità agli avanzi rispetto al nuovo.

    English (Google translator):

    Good morning, regarding the use of sub-sized panels stored as remnants of processing, we should have the possibility to use these first rather than buying new panels.

    Giving priority to leftovers over the new.

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    Tim Blijboom | RUBEX Interiors


    The function works, but i think it could be usefull to be able to assign a priority to the sizes. we normally have a stock of sheets that are 2800x2070mm and occasionally buy larger panels if nessecary. So i would prefer maxcut to use those stock sheets unless a panel is too big, then it can use a sub size.

    is this possible?

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    Alex Halgreen | KUKU Kanvas

    I have a problem using the Sub Sizes feature. I've tried doing it in different ways, but it always use the full sheet size and never use the sub sized pieces I put in.

    Please help out



    I found out the problem, no more worries.

    If one of the panels is, let's say, 2000 mm in length. Then one of those Sub Sizes has to have an amount a little bit more than that. Now just to make it easier, I put in sizes between 100 mm to 2500 mm, but in 100 mm intervals (100mm, 200mm, 300mm, etc.). Otherwise, it will see that there are no sheet sizes that can make the panel fit in, so it goes back to the default full sheet size.

    Edited by Alex Halgreen | KUKU Kanvas
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