Sheet Sub Sizes

Sheet Sub Sizes is a hidden feature in MaxCut.

It allows you to specify multiple "sheet sizes" for a specific material. Once you have set it up, when you optimize a job with that material, MaxCut will use the best optimization between all the different sizes.

It is a bit hidden but let me walk through how to find it and set it up.

In MaxCut go to the menu > Manage > Materials > Sheet
Select the "Sheet Material" you want to put different size options for and click "Edit".
On the form for that specific sheet material you will see a section called "Dimensions" which has a length and width field. as well as a few others. Make sure you enter a the largest size for the material.

Scroll down and you will see another section called "Material Sub Sizes"
- Make sure "User any number of available sub sizes to minimise wastage" is selected
- Click the "Add" button in this section and enter the smaller length and width and qty.

Once you have done this, MaxCut will now keep these quantities and sizes into consideration. when optimizing a job. Just select the material and input the panel sizes and it will figure out the best match per you sub sizes.


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