Sheet Label Specifications - 63.5mm x 38mm

You can get sheet labels that work with MaxCut from most stationary stores. Below are the specs for sheet labels for our

Sheet Label Specifications - A4 Page 21 Labels 63.5mm x 38mm

Page Size: A4

Label Width: 63.5mm
Label Height: 38.1mm

Top Margin: 15.15mm
Bottom Margin: 15.15mm
Left Margin: 7.25mm
Right Margin: 7.25mm
Horizontal Spacing: 2.5mm

Vertical Spacing: 0mm
Horizontal Pitch: 66mm
Vertical Pitch: 38.1mm

Places to order:

If you are in the UK, you can order them from the following supplier.

 You should also be able to source a local supplier with similar specs. I've found them at most stationary stores stock these labels and would recommend you buy a small sample to "test" before putting through any bulk orders for labels.


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