What happens when a recurring billing fails?

What happens when a recurring billing fails?


An email is sent to the client explaining that their payment has failed and a link is given to update their billing information.

  1. In the event a payment is due, an attempt to reauthorise the card will happen within 24-48 hours of the update of the billing information.
  2. A delay of the current instalment does not push back the authorization attempts on following instalments. These dates would be based on the first instalment.

In the event that instalments are missed and then the billing details are updated, the 2Checkout system will bill once each day until the order is caught up to make up for these missed instalments.

For example, if an order was placed on 5-January to bill each month and missed 2 months worth of instalments, once the billing information is updated it will bill twice (once each day) to catch up for the missed instalments from February and March and would then bill again on 5-April as it was originally scheduled based on the original order.


Example of email that a user receives when their payment fails

An example of the email a client will receive when a recurring billing fails is: 

Subject:, Inc. (insert seller's company name) Customer Notification
To: (insert buyer's email address)

Dear (buyer's name),
We recently tried to rebill your recurring order (insert order number) for (insert seller's company name). However, your bank declined the transaction for the following reason:

To have these charges post to a different card (or update your expiration date, etc.), please enter your new billing information using the link below. You will be prompted to enter the first 6 and last 2 digits of the previous credit card. order number)


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