How do I stop the layout from changing each time I close and open the job file?


We have noticed that when you save a job that you already optimized, when you open it again the optimization is different and the cutting scheme is different.

The optimisation layout keeps changing each time I save and re-open a job.

Example of this behaviour:

Here is the order that we will optimize.

Here are the results of the optimization (there are 3 layouts)


Layout 2

Layout 3

Lets say that now we save the job and close the application.

When we open the job again, it says that we need to re-optimize and as a result the cutting scheme is different.

And now the layout has changed. For example, the last layout now looks like this...

The problem is that we do not have a reference of what was the cutting scheme of each order, since every time we open the program it is changing.

In the end we are forced to extract reports and save them on our PC in order to keep track of each order.

Is there a way to set it so that the layout does not change when we close and re-open the job?


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