How to import a csv file into a MaxCut Job

MaxCut has the functionality to import sheet materials, edging materials, hardware materials & input items jobs in via a csv file. The following describes how to import input item jobs into MaxCut using a csv file format.

What is a csv file

A csv file format is a text based file format that many programs use to export/import information including software like Microsoft Excel.

Below, I've edited a csv file in excel with various panels I would like to import into MaxCut.


Importing into MaxCut

In MaxCut, to import a csv file click the Import button on the Input Items tab.


You then will be asked to select which csv file you would like to import. Select the appropriate csv file.


You will then be presented with a import screen. On this screen you will need to ensure several things...

Delimiter used in the csv file

You will need to determine what delimiter was used in the csv file and tell MaxCut this.


If you select the incorrect delimiter the preview will show you that it is messed up. In the below example I've selected "space" as my delimiter which is incorrect for this file resulting in the preview showing incorrect results.


Match csv columns to correct MaxCut fields

On the sidebar you need to match the csv columns up with the relevant MaxCut fields.


Exclude First Row

You will also need to determine whether MaxCut should exclude the first row of the import file. Usually this is the case as this row would describe the column headers.


Once you have matched things up correctly

Once all your settings are correct, the preview section should resemble what your file looks like.


On clicking the "Import" button these items will now come into the MaxCut job.


Help getting your csv format correct

Download an example csv file

You can download an example of a csv file to have a working copy to work towards that you can edit.

Export a csv file from MaxCut

Another way to get an example csv file is to add some input items into MaxCut, export them and then look at the example csv file it creates. You can do this by.

Adding example items to a job


Selecting the export job option from the toolbar.


Selecting just the default values from the export dialogue and clicking the export button.


This will then prompt you where to save your csv file. Once saved you can open this file in an editor like Excel or a text editor and play around with the values.



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