MY PC Sometimes turns off when using Maxcut2

Every once in a while, someone who is running maxcut within their factory environment, has a situation where their pc will suddenly turn off when using Maxcut and are doing fairly large optimisations, it seems by random and seems to occur randomly.


Unfortunately optimisation are heavy on resources. Due to this it may have your CPU clocking at higher than normal speeds. In most instances this is okay, However when put into a factory environment where there is dust and high temperatures the load could cause the factory machine to overheat. The CPU acts to protect itself by turning off (Which will turn off your machine). No error message will be generated within windows, as the program itself isn't faulting. Due to the nature of the issue occurring you will get no warning unless you have monitoring software installed to receive information from the bios.

If this occurs the following is suggested

1 - Install CPU Monitoring software (Open Hardware Monitor is free and can provide the information you need on cpu heats)

2 - Know your CPU and it's maximum temperature (A List of different CPU's with their maximum temperatures can be found here

If your CPU is running above the recommended values, then it might be a good idea to inspect the CPU cooling environment for Dust and blockages.




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