Input panel expansion ("Rough" and "Tension free" cuts)

A regularly requested feature that we have received over the years was for the ability of MaxCut to handle tension free or rough cuts. Many users need to cut panels twice - an initial "rough cut" that is bigger than the final size, and a second precise "tension free" cut that is the for the final desired size of the panel.

From Version onwards, users will have the functionality to add an expanded size to their panels that allows for rough and tension free cuts. Let me show you how to do it...


How to use expansion sizes on panels

When you add a new panel to a job, you now have the option to add an expansion size to the long and short sides of the panel. If for example you add 20mm to the short expansion, 20mm will be added to either short side of the panel (a total expansion of 40mm).


The expanded size will now be shown in the panel dimensions.


The expanded size will also be shown on any layout diagrams.


We have created a new report that will show the expanded cut size versus the final cut size.

The report can be found in the reports list - it is entitled "Cutting List (Expanded vs Final Sizes)"


Here is an example of the new report:


Setting default expansion values for new panels

If you would like a specific expansion to default to all new panels that you add, you can set up the default value that will be applied to all panels in the settings.

Go to Settings -> Item Defaults -> Input Panel

Here you can add the default values for the long and short expansions of all new panels.



Some general guidelines on using panel expansions

  • All optimisation layouts will show the expanded panel sizes. This is because when you are cutting form an optimisation layout you are doing your first cut (which includes expanded dimensions).
  • Any quotes show the final panel sizes. This is because customers are only concerned about final panel sizes
  • On other reports, in some situations the expanded sizes may be useful, in other situations the final panel sizes – see below

Sizes shown on other Reports

These are the reports that will show the expanded sizes:

  • Job Layout (No Occurrence Grouping)
  • Current Layout
  • Job Layout Simplified
  • Job Layout
  • Job Layout 2
  • Job Layout with Barcode

These are the reports that will show the final sizes:

  • Cutting List With Holes and Grooving
  • Cutting List
  • Input Item List
  • Cutting List with Barcode

**Note:   All panel labels will show the final size



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