Troubleshooting advanced errors

If you are trying to trouble shoot advanced errors (errors that are not covered by our normal FAQ section) and need our help, the process we go through on our side is as follows:

  1. Replicate the issue on a test machine on our side
  2. Send these details to our development team to implement a fix

In replicating the issue we need as much information as possible, this would include :

  • What version of Windows you are running including the build number
  • What processor, ram & graphics card you are running
  • What virus scanner you are running
  • A copy of your MaxCut log file

Getting the MaxCut log file

The MaxCut log file is stored at:

C:\ProgramData\MaxCut Software\MaxCut\MaxCut.log

The ProgramData folder is typically hidden to normal user.

Getting the MaxCut material file

A copy of the MaxCut material file can be generated by the following menu item:

Open MaxCut > File > Backup > Create Backup

Getting a MaxCut job file

A copy of the MaxCut job file is the file MaxCut generates when saving a job. It ends with the file extension .mc3

It can be generated by the following menu item:

File > Save As


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