MaxCut Version 2 Release History

Date: 19th February 2024


  • Fixed "Error: Cannot rename the HardwareTypes.xml to Hardware Materials.xml"

Date: 13th February 2024


  • Updated language translations
  • MaxCut's code signing certificate has been updated. This may result in a browser and/or Windows Defender SmartScreen pop-up for some users (see below image). The download and installer is trusted and can be bypassed by clicking on 'More Info' and 'Run Anyway'

Windows SmartScreen.gif


  • Fixed help menu link for 'Grooving Settings'


Date: 19th December 2023

New Features:

  • Input Items screen shows a default 'Add' button when no items are in the list


  • Updated language translations
  • Simplified MaxCut setup requiring language, measurement, industry, and size of business selections
  • Additional information to mass changes for panel rotation ('material' and 'has grain')
  • Moved Sheet Trim from Item Defaults to Layout Settings
  • Moved Grooving Settings from Layout Settings to Item Defaults
  • Updated toolbar dropdown menus to match the menu bar items
  • Added 'Finish' button to setup


  • Fixed help menu link for 'Send Us Feedback'
  • Fixed help menu link for 'View Online Video Tutorials'
  • Fixed the tab key in Library Manager skipping the Duplicate button
  • Fixed Single Report Print crashing if no report is selected


Date: 4th December 2023


  • Updated language translations
  • Print Settings button added to Label Print and Report Print dialogs
  • Print Settings separated from General Settings
  • Print Report dialog load time reduced


  • Beta Optimization Engine - panels rendered in the correct position relative to blade thickness
  • Beta Optimization Engine - error fixed where sub sizes and panels don't fit on sheet
  • Sheet Trim Override persists when MaxCut is closed and reopened
  • Panel length and width takes into account the panel expansion when validating sizes
  • Fixed Full Sheet Cost field disappearing when Sell in Full Sheets is selected
  • Correctly display Job Summary Material Area (m², ft², etc.)


Date: 20th November 2023


  • Updated language translations
  • Re-introduced loading screen on startup of MaxCut
  • Mass Changes can now be used to add and edit notes
  • The word 'change' was removed from all Mass Changes options, e.g., 'Change Materials' now reads as 'Materials'


  • On right-click, the Mass Change option for panel rotation was missing


Date: 13th November 2023


  • Updated language translations
  • Mass Changes can now be used to adjust panel rotation
  • Single and Batch Label Print dialog consolidated into one dialog box

Date: 6th November 2023

New Features:

  • Keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out on job layout (Ctrl+ to zoom in and Ctrl- to zoom out)
  • Mouse scroll wheel can be used to zoom in/out on job layout (Ctrl + scroll up to zoom in and Ctrl + scroll down to zoom out)


  • Updated language translations
  • Default materials are now translated into the selected language (dependent on translations being submitted) - for more information on our translation process click here
  • Mass Changes can now be used to change item names
  • Single and Batch Report Print dialog consolidated into one dialog box
  • Multiple help buttons (blue question mark icons) on Single and Batch Report Print removed and consolidated into a single help button


  • Fixed some help links in the program which were not working
  • Units in the Resource Summary were showing as currency


Date: 30th October 2023


  • Updated language translations
  • MaxCut now opens to the Input Items tab
  • The selected tab is now saved with your job. When loading a job, it will select the tab you had selected when you saved it
  • Updated notification when a new version of MaxCut is available to download


  • Fixed some help links in the program which were not working


Date: October 2023


  • Updated language translations
  • Added Labour Resources to the Materials drop-down on the toolbar


  • Fixed CSV Import Screen rendering incorrectly in some languages with buttons going off the screen
  • Fixed License Activation Error - "License activation service is currently unavailable"


Date: October 2023


  • Updated language translations
  • Import/Export dialogues updated - focus set to list enabling keyboard controls, more consistent interface
  • Improved logging around failed license activations
  • Added keyboard shortcut for mass changes (Ctrl+Shift+M)
  • Terms of Use updated on Community Edition dialogue and the MaxCut installer license agreement -


Date: August 2023


- Language Translations Updated: All language translations updated
- Shortcut Names Changed: Start menu and desktop shortcut names have been changed from 'MaxCut 2' to 'MaxCut'


- Fixed MaxCut not saving input items in a job file when labour items are added
- Fixed MaxCut crashing when changing the optimization method or optimization engine
- Reset column widths resets all column widths in summary and input items tabs
- Fixed object reference error when a hardware item selection is incomplete
- Fixed Hungarian language translation


Date: April 2023

NEW Features:

- Labour Input Item: Add labour as a "thing" in MaxCut
- Cost & Profit Summary view changed: Adjusted how profit and cost are shown on the resource summary screen
- Job Costing Summary Report: Added a new report called "Job Costing Summary (User Settings View) that shows a job costing breakdown
- KDMax Poland Import: Added new KDMax Poland import file format

- Exporting Reports Labels to CSV:  Made it so all remaining label can now be exported into a CSV format to be opened and edited in Excel.

- Multiply Duplicate: It's now easy to make many copies of input items without having to duplicate them one by one.



- Language Translations Updated: All language translations updated
- Simple Setup Streamlined: Blade thickness prompt removed from simple setup wizard
- Add Ctrl+Enter as the "Select" keyboard shortcut for the "Where would you like to add this item" screen
- Notes History Autocomplete: Added history and auto-complete to the "notes" field on Input panels, hardware, edging
- Menubar Updated: Updated sheet trim settings and hole setting to correct menu bar location
- Hardware costs in Job Summary Report: Added hardware costs to the job summary report
- Column width alignment: Get column widths of the "Input Item List" report to line up
- More info links: Additional "more info" links added


- Tab focus is set to "notes" when adding a new input item regardless of the type
- Fixed Reset column widths to reset all the column widths for the Resource summary screen


Date: February 2023


- Install Code Signing Certificate Updated


Date: December 2022

NEW Features:

- Add mass change long and short expansion.
- Can now export data for 60 mm x 40 mm labels
- Can now export data for 60 mm x 40 mm labels



- Add help hyper link to the following forms: Panel Optimization, Blade Thickness, Optimisation Method, Wastage Placement, Grooving Settings, Hole Settings, Optimisation Engine, Layout Text Settings, Sheet Trim Settings and Layout Grouping / Labelling
- Rename the title "General Settings > Summary" to "Summary Display Settings" on the summary tab
- Add export drop down toolbar button to the "Optimised Sheets" screen
- Add tool tip for keyboard shortcut to Edging, Hardware and Group Item Details
- Separated input items export file name from resource summary export file name
- Adjusted wastage calculation for Job Summary Report to be more accurate
- Upgrade "You are on the latest version" message when checking for updates
- Add Ctrl+Enter as the save keyboard shortcut to a number of dialogs



- Bug Fix : Incorrect grouping of identical panels in layout report
- Bug Fix : Installer error when running installer and HardwareType and HardwareMaterials files both exist



Date: November 2022

NEW Features:

- Add an export form for exporting job summary. Users are able to choose whether they want to include job summary information in the resource summary export file.

- Add reset batch report quantities to zero - easily reset batch report quantities to zero



- Rename the title "Panel" to "Panel Item Details" on the input item panel form

- Upgrade how we notify users of new versions



- Bug Fix : Object reference not set to an instance of an object error - some users were getting an object reference report not set to an instance of an object error when printing.

- Bug Fix : Sequence contains no matching element error - some users were getting a sequence contains no matching element error message when printing.

- Bug Fix : MaxCut crashed when trying to edit an unselected material under mass changes (change materials)

- Bug Fix : Adjust warning message for license expiring from 5 days to 2 days



Date: October 2022

NEW Features:

- Visually indicate the expansion cut on the layout diagram

- Add an export drop down toolbar button to the summary screen



- Updated the following screens to have help links to the relevant tutorial videos: 

          Panel Item Details >
          Edging Item Details >
          Hardware Item Details >
          Group Item Details >

          Print Batch Labels >
          Print Label >
          Print Batch Reports >
          Print Report >



- Bug Fix : On missing materials prompt, cursor now displays instead of hourglass



Date: September 2022

NEW Features:

- Inch precision 64 added to measurement options



 - Layout grouping screen has been separated into two screens - Panel optimisation labelling & Layout    grouping

- Sheet trim details are now also shown on the Optimised Sheets screen on the left hand side of the layout

- Drop down menu under - Settings -> Layout has been updated to be more user friendly

- License error messaging now includes license expiry date

- More accurate error messaging

- There is now an option to reset "<Please select>" on unrecognized materials screen selection

- Warning message added when an edging that is used on an input panel is deleted

- When no changes are made to input items, re-optimisation window will no longer pop up 

- Missing materials are now prompted when opening a job that has materials that are not in the material library

- Added setting to switch between optimal 2dx and bin packing optimizer engine

- Standardised out bottom menu bar for exporting on all tabs

- Removed unused and misleading "Group" field in the advanced section of input items

- Updated export dialog box



- Bug Fix : Re-optimisation prompt now showing when changes made in summary screen

- Bug Fix : Material name change now reflects correctly and immediately when material name is edited

- Bug Fix : Changing the name of a material being used now updates on the input panels automatically 

- Bug Fix : Inch - Precision Decimal no longer causing Maxcut to hang when printing Job Summary report 

- Bug Fix : Panel Validation now updates when sheet trim settings are changed


Date: June 2022

NEW Features:

- Save and Re-use CSV Import File Settings: When a CSV file is imported, you can now save the csv import settings specific to that import file format, and load previously saved settings for different import file formats.

- Input Panel Expansion:  You can now add an expanded panel size or “rough cut’ size to your input panels in the Business Edition.

- Additional Mass Change Options:  Mass changes can now be made to wider variety of options including:  Mass changes to holes, Mass changes to grooving,  Mass changes to panel sizes, Mass changes to quantities.

- Load and Save Batch Reports: You can now easily save various combinations of reports and load those specific combinations at a later stage for printing without having to re-select them all.

- Exporting Reports to CSV:  Many of the current reports that print to PDF can now be exported into a CSV format to be opened and edited in Excel.

- Get the Same Optimisation Layout Every Time you open MaxCut:  You will now be able to ensure the same optimisation runs each time you open a job in MaxCut. You can also select to re-optimise with a new layout, or go back to a previous layout.

- Automatically Bundle Files to Send with Support Queries. Functionality added so you can easily send your job file and MaxCut backup file as a bundle with any support queries you have.

- Set the rotation of input panel on optimized layout:  You can now set the rotation of an input panel on a optimized sheet layout to have either the length of the input panel to follow the length of the optimized sheet layout or the width of the input panel to follow the length of the optimized sheet layout.

- KD Max Poland Import:  Import KD Max Poland CSV files into MaxCut



- Improved grouped labelling that allows group label name to be set at different levels. 

- MaxCut will now allow for panels of zero quantity to be added to a job

- Mapping of fields and columns clearer for CSV imports

- Edging calculation – you can now choose to include or exclude machining cost when edging is being added separately to a quote

- Consolidated mass changes dialogs to a single one called "Change Materials" with filters for Name & Tag

- Add button to license screen to allow users to more easily de-activate and re-sync their own licenses

- Add the diameter and depth values of a hole to the holes and grooving report

- Add current date to licensing screen for support query purposes



- Fixed "Error Optimizing" bug

- Fixed calculation of number of units error with grouped units in the 'Input Item Group List' report

- Fixed library items not refreshing correctly when restoring a backup.

- Fixed company Logo not being cleared when restoring backup

- Fixed bug with incorrect labelling of panels in a grouped unit

- Fixed issue with Job Summary report and Optimised Sheets screen not showing correct sub-sheet size information when using sub-sizes

- Fixed bug with batch report settings not saving the previous quantity per report

 - Fixed error with the Job Layout Simplified report not displaying the panel name as specified under Layout Grouping

- Fixed bug with placement of holes when panel rotated

- Added "Change Panel Holes" menu item to the Mass Changes popup menu that appears on right click of input panels

- Improved error message added when importing a csv file with invalid settings

- Adjustments made so that the CSV format in the Summary tab is consistent with the delimiter specified. 

- Refactored multiple reports

- Fixed & clarified error messaging for "Data at the root level" error

- Disable multiline for the library item search text box

- Fixed results dialog for sheet materials import – items previously showing updated when they had not been

- Fixed "TimeSpan period must be less than or equal to Int32.MaxValue. Parameter name: value" error on Windows 11 machines



Date: 2020

- Print Group Name on Job Layout
- New report added - Input Items Group List
- Set custom terms and conditions setting for invoice and quote reports
- Override global trim settings on a per material basis

- Add notes field to library item creation popup
- Add success or failure popup when restoring or backing up MaxCut
- Add "Total panels" information in Job Summary Report

- Fixed DXF export inversion issue
- Fixed library item search box entry occasionally causing library items to disappear
- Improved error message displayed when importing invalid materials file
- Fixed panel validation not updating when editing a material
- Fixed inputting new license code over previous license error
- Fixed stand alone edging (edging not on a panel) not being added to Job Summary Report
- Fixed bug where offline activation internet connection check sometimes fails
- Fixed “Layout Grouping” settings not saving
 - Fixed “Job layout” report showing main sheet size when using a subsize


Date: 5 March 2020

- Make company logo in settings be able to be stretched across an invoice/quote instead of just centered
- Added notes field to group items
- The Mass Changes dialog has been totally re-worked to allow switching between selected and all items in one display
- Added support for unrecognised library items when importing a CSV file  
- Report a bug now goes to our support page where you can up vote other bugs and see fixes for them
- Added Suggest a Feature link to help us better gauge what is important to our community


- Application Path has been added to the Data Settings section under General Settings
- Size Of Business and Industry Types questions moved to newly added Company Profile section under General Settings
- Paste multi-line text into license box
- Added message to make it clear you need to re-open MaxCut when putting in a business edition license
- Display message saying backup is successful after backing up MaxCut files
- Improve right click menu for library items to make renaming easier
- Improve usability around renaming of library items within the library manager
- Show which settings need to changed if a path setting is invalid
- Adjust order of popup dialog menu items to make them consistent with top menu
- Upgrade the installer to be to the latest version
- Improve messaging where license server is unreachable
- Warn for unrecognised items when importing invalid input items in CSV
- Display message saying restore is successful after restoring MaxCut files

- Fixed issue where some keyboard shortcuts were intermittently not being fired off
- Fixed changes to grooving values not updating the panel preview correctly
- The CTRL+F shortcut within the Library pane now focuses the correct Filter Library text box
- Fixed issue where a CSV import would occasionally just import the first item multiple times
- Fixed issue where some items where intermittently being left off the side of the job layout report
- Fixed issue where MaxCut crashes if you edit multiple items at the same time
- Fixed issue where invalid quantity (0 or lower) was not highlighted in red like other invalid input item fields



Date: 26 Nov 2019

New Features:
- None
- None
 - Fixed a error where MaxCut crashes whenever a user clicks "General Settings" after upgrading to Version


Date: 2 Nov 2019

New Features:
- Re-purposed the library button that appeared on the left-hand side of the toolbar. This button has moved further to the right and now supports editing, updating and creating library items.
- Added a question about the industry you operate in, to better help us understand who our users are and which features to prioritise.
 - Fixed a bug where a library item was able to be created from the last item that was deleted if it results in an empty job.


Date: 25 August 2019

New Features:
- Inaccessible report plugins will now be reported when accessing the report section
- Edging material CSV import now supports the Wastage % and Wastage Per Edging fields.
- Added machine code to the license information dialog. (This code uniquely identifies your computer and can be quoted in support tickets)
- Added mass changes option to the edit menu. 
 - Fixed issue affecting some users whilst trying to activate their business edition licenses, whereby MaxCut would report that they are offline.
- Fixed panel preview to show updates for changes made on the advanced dialog.
- CSV exports / imports now correctly handle inch values.


Date: 17 June 2019

New Features:
- N/A
- Removed support for storing settings in the windows registry
- Cutting list report now correctly groups all of the same panels into one line.
- Sheet trim settings are now correctly taken into account when validating the size of a panel.
- Exporting a DXF file to a location where you don't have access, no longer crashes the program.
- The program settings are now correctly restored when restoring a backup.
- When canceling the mass change features that are only available on business edition, an upgrade message is no longer shown.


Date: 19 April 2019

New Features:
- N/A
- German Translation Errors
- Error message when importing duplicate materials in a single import file to include more detail
- Default naming for backup file name
- Message when restoring a backup to include all content that will be restored
- Fix Having no input items caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Having no "InputItems" folder caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Denying access to the input items folder caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Having no "Reports" folder caused MaxCut to crash when trying to print reports
- Fix Having insufficient access to the reports print location caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Missing "Fonts" folder caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Read-only Settings.xml caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Allowing Data Path to be set to a restricted location prevented saving of settings, materials, etc.
- Fix Certain batch print reports not remembering last selected quantities
- Fix Settings file resetting on computers that had old legacy registry settings
- Fix Library items restored during the backup are only reflecting after re-opening MaxCut
- Fix Quantity in library area not correctly used when adding input item via the library
- Fix Last exported CSV disk location is not being correctly remembered
- Fix Job Layout Simplified Report incorrectly printing in the metric system when settings are set to imperial


Date: 26 Feb 2019

 New Features: 
- Add experimental Ardis machine export 
- Add Danish language

- Simplify license activation screen 
- Fix several German translations 
- Update translations for most supported languages

- Fix Cix machine format to only be exportable in the Business Edition


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