MaxCut Version 2 Release History


Date: 2 Nov 2019

New Features:
Added better support for library items on the toolbar and top menu bar
- Added a view button on the toolbar that has options for expanding and collapsing all items in the job
- Invalid items within a group will now cause the group row to be highlighted in red, indicating a validation error. This will make discovering invalid items easy when groups are collapsed.
- Added a question about the industry you operate in, to better help us understand who our users are and which features to prioritise.
- Re-purposed the library button that appeared on the left-hand side of the toolbar. This button has moved further to the right and now supports editing, updating and creating library items.
- Library items can now be created by selecting multiple ungrouped items. MaxCut will group the items within the job and then add the group to the library. 
 - Fixed a bug where a library item was able to be created from the last item that was deleted if it results in an empty job.


Date: 25 August 2019

New Features:
 - Added new business edition functionality to specify custom settings file location. This can be used for users to share the same settings.
- Added ability to create a library item from any number of selected input items (Previously only groups could be added to the library).
- Added a link to release notes on the help menu.
- Inaccessible report plugins will now be reported when accessing the report section
- Edging material CSV import now supports the Wastage % and Wastage Per Edging fields.
- Added machine code to the license information dialog. (This code uniquely identifies your computer and can be quoted in support tickets)
- Added mass changes option to the edit menu. 
 - Fixed issue affecting some users whilst trying to activate their business edition licenses, whereby MaxCut would report that they are offline.
- Fixed panel preview to show updates for changes made on the advanced dialog.
- CSV exports / imports now correctly handle inch values.


Date: 17 June 2019

New Features:
- N/A
- Removed support for storing settings in the windows registry
- Cutting list report now correctly groups all of the same panels into one line.
- Sheet trim settings are now correctly taken into account when validating the size of a panel.
- Exporting a DXF file to a location where you don't have access, no longer crashes the program.
- The program settings are now correctly restored when restoring a backup.
- When canceling the mass change features that are only available on business edition, an upgrade message is no longer shown.


Date: 19 April 2019

New Features:
- N/A
- German Translation Errors
- Error message when importing duplicate materials in a single import file to include more detail
- Default naming for backup file name
- Message when restoring a backup to include all content that will be restored
- Fix Having no input items caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Having no "InputItems" folder caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Denying access to the input items folder caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Having no "Reports" folder caused MaxCut to crash when trying to print reports
- Fix Having insufficient access to the reports print location caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Missing "Fonts" folder caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Read-only Settings.xml caused MaxCut to crash
- Fix Allowing Data Path to be set to a restricted location prevented saving of settings, materials, etc.
- Fix Certain batch print reports not remembering last selected quantities
- Fix Settings file resetting on computers that had old legacy registry settings
- Fix Library items restored during the backup are only reflecting after re-opening MaxCut
- Fix Quantity in library area not correctly used when adding input item via the library
- Fix Last exported CSV disk location is not being correctly remembered
- Fix Job Layout Simplified Report incorrectly printing in the metric system when settings are set to imperial


Date: 26 Feb 2019

 New Features: 
- Add experimental Ardis machine export 
- Add Danish language

- Simplify license activation screen 
- Fix several German translations 
- Update translations for most supported languages

- Fix Cix machine format to only be exportable in the Business Edition


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